General Terms aval ltd



 1. Confidentiality obligation

 Aval undertakes to process the client data confidentially and not to transfer it to a third party except to the extent specifically required by the engagement, the law or the authorities. The confidentiality obligation shall not concern data that is generally available.

2. Aval’s liability for performing an assignment

Aval’s total liability for performing an engagement shall be limited to 170,000.00 euros. Any demands shall be presented within one year of performing the part of the engagement at which the demand is directed. The maximum limit of liability set at 170.000,00 euros shall also be valid when we act for several clients in a case, in which it shall cover all compensations payable to those clients. Aval shall not be liable for indirect damage or loss, nor for damage to or other demands of third parties. Aval shall not be liable for damage that may be caused by electronic communication, unless the damage is a result of gross negligence.

3. Client’s responsibility in engagements

Excluding the information that Aval has to acquire reasonably to perform the engagement, the client shall see to it that the information supplied by them is correct and sufficient for performing the engagement and that they supply it on time. On request, the client shall review the documents sent to them for review by Aval.

4. Storage of documents

Unless otherwise agreed, the client shall pick up the original documents on request within a reasonable period of time. Aval shall keep copies of the documents for five years.

5. Responsibility for services offered by a third party

Aval shall not be responsible for services offered by a third party and for which Aval acts as an intermediary.

6. Basis of invoicing

Aval’s fee shall be determined for each assignment according to the quantity and quality of work it requires. In addition, the degree of difficulty of the task and the value and significance of the interest in question shall be taken into account. Any direct expenses and value added tax valid at any given time shall be added to our fee.

7. Privacy policy

Aval processes personal data received in connection with assignments and data obtained from public sources. The personal data may be related to the client or other persons. The personal data is processed in accordance with applicable legislation on data protection. Further information on the processing of personal data is available on our website ( under Privacy Policy.

8. Consumer protection

Aval’s consumer clients have the right to cancel an engagement by informing us thereof in writing within 14 days from the day on which we have confirmed the assignment.

9. Identification of client and money laundering

Aval complies with applicable legislation for preventing money laundering.

10. Application of law and solving of disputes

Disagreements that cannot be solved by means of negotiation shall be solved by three arbitrators in arbitration proceedings in accordance with the rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce applying the laws of Finland.